Make Yourself Useful

And other ICYMI...

The non-Thursday post of my week is always to amplify things besides my weekly essay. Usually I try to amplify things that aren’t mine, but occasionally I do that too.

Here’s a few things you may find interesting:

Making Yourself Useful

Okay, so this is kind of a “In Case You Missed It” but my 2020 speech at Anarchapulco was one of my best, and it was all about how we change the world - by being useful. Every speech I’ve given since has been an improvement on this one (and technically this was a more complete version of my Anarchovegas 2019 speech) but it really touches on the practical applications of liberty philosophy - and it’s the foundation of what may eventually be a book or series of articles talking in depth about many of these points.

In 2014, I was dead set on giving any speeches ever out of stage fright, and I started doing so in 2016 - I had some practice by this point, and though it’s not nearly as perfect as I wish it was, I’m getting my stride on stage to some degree.

The Courage to Betray Other Men

The often controversial but also often profoundly good at identifying his (and society’s) cognitive dissonances and moral conundrums: Hugo Schwyzer offered this thoughtful and spoiler-ridden review of the movie Promising Young Woman. I often find Hugo’s takes to be both introspective and observant of his fellow man in a way that seems desperate to find hope in an often tarnished and flawed reality. As an eternal optimist even in the darkest of days, I think I share that quality, and I appreciate it in another person. Read his post from Sunday here. Consider subscribing - his writing is great.

Maybe it shouldn’t take riots for prosecutors to hold murderous cops accountable

I guess I’m sharing other Substack writers today because here’s one from Cathy Reisenwitz - last week she wrote about Derek Chauvin’s conviction, and it really covered much of what I wanted to say on the matter, so I figure I won’t re-invent the wheel. Her newsletter is called Sex & The State, and if you dig her take, consider subscribing to her as well.

Burning Man Cancelled (Again)

Okay, it’s not “cancelled” it’s just not officially happening at Black Rock City again until 2022. But that’s cancelled by most metrics. Don’t get me wrong, I love my BM community all year round (and the near decade I’ve been going), but there’s a magic to the actual event in the desert, with anonymity and spontaneity and intimacy that just doesn’t translate over internet. For those who are awesome/crazy enough to brave the desert without the infrastructure, some people will be heading there anyway (not me) but I figured some of you might want to know more about that here.

Good wishes & warm thoughts appreciated…

My little cousin Erin is 11 years old. Her birthday was on April 1st, and this past week she's been having some terrible medical issues that have landed her in a hospital in Boston (from NH) and dealing with surgery.

We’re hoping she’s going to be okay (she’s not in dire condition but things are rough, and she’s been in a ton of pain). She's got an unpleasant road of recovery, numerous CTs to figure out the source of the issue/infections, and potential other surgeries ahead of her. At the moment she's got a tube down her nose, is awaiting a PICC line, and generally it's kind of a miserable experience for an 11 year old.

(I'm being fairly vague about it because I'm a pretty public person and my cousin doesn't need to have her specific medical issues spread out for public consumption.)

As you know I'm not one for prayers (as a heathen atheist), but my aunt Kristin Duymazlar loves god in all his or her or their forms, and would probably love good thoughts and energy and vibes and prayers and candles lit and whatever else for a swift recovery and a good resolution to this illness.

Erin is clever and kind and strong and fearless and she'll get through this. But I appreciate the love so many people have shown our family already, and I thank you for your good thoughts.

Since I’m already here, I’ll remind you:

Feminists for Liberty Video Contest

As you may know, I’m on the Board of Feminists for Liberty, and we’re having our second annual Video Contest. 2-7 minute video, 1st prize is $500 worth of video equipment, Winners are screened at FreedomFest and the deadline is May 1st. Not limited by age, sex, gender or location. I was a judge last year, and it was wonderful, we had so many creative entries! If this is of interest to you, click here to learn more!

My only other thing is letting you know that the cinematography in Netflix’s The Crown is thoroughly amazing. That’s it for today! New essay up tomorrow!