Who is Avens?

Los Angeles based. Political, social & cultural commentary. Social media agitator. Lover of birds. Board member of Feminists for Liberty. Lifetime member of the Libertarian Party. Seeker of adventures. Collector of stories. Chances are you already know me from a speech I gave, something else I wrote, following me on social media or being directly acquainted with me, but if you’re new to me: welcome! I promise I’m fun.

I plan to post here about twice a week - my plan is Thursdays for the feature piece each week, and Tuesdays for a shorter “hit-and-run” where I link to outside content with short blurbs - it might be a video of me on a podcast or interview or speech, or someone else’s blog post I want to promote because it’s worth doing so.

My theme for my own writing is jokingly “oddly specific advice”. These are stories and observations from my own experiences, life and adventures - of which I’ve had many considering my 33 years on this planet. I share what I’ve learned and what I think is worth taking from it. The first few entries will likely be reflecting on that concept quite directly, before moving into broader concepts. Also, I like to cook, so don’t be surprised if sometimes it’s a recipe!

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, my birds’ Instagram.

My various links. My collection of published anything and everything.

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Avens O'Brien
There are as many ways to live in this world as there are people in it. Also, lots of different ways to sit.